A Necessary Pain


The Resistance

Guide these clumsy feet up this mountain My weary soul finds rest there Hesitant again, but who’s counting As I learn to release all my cares The heavy wind blows; I am frail at best Tempted to resist Your strong arm... Continue Reading →

Scream Intently

Winnowing the delicate sores upon my heart in stride I notice that sorrow is where suffering and purpose collide An explosion of mercy depicted as raindrops on a face Witnessing the collision, I’m just a bystander in space Surreal, how... Continue Reading →


Brimming are the reserves where doubt is stored. As one need is supplied another need cries out in discomfort. There’s constant inward, and sometimes outward struggles to regain ground by faith. The issue is that we are trusting God to... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Him?

“That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world.” John 1:9 We may read that verse and immediately exclaim Jesus, the verse is talking about Jesus! Yay! But do we know the true Light... Continue Reading →

Feeble Warrior

Is my faith weak or am I so fickle? That I melt in the face of adversity like an ice sickle Surely, You’re aware that I’m in this pickle My emotions cry faint,  then the tears trickle Is my life... Continue Reading →

Lack and Trust

Lord, I'll follow you Wither thou say go Lacking details, faith prevails Surrendering now I wont say no Your after the fear  Hidden in my heart I wish I could make it disappear It's been with me from the start ... Continue Reading →

Wake Up!

I’m tired, waiting is no longer an option If God was going to bless me I’d be blessed by now Weary is the word Pregnant with purpose, contemplating adoption The Lord is my Shepard, why isn’t He moving to help... Continue Reading →

Corrected or Condemned?

The Bible is clear on the stipulations for condemnation. Of which, is this powerful verse found in Romans 8:1 KJV, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but... Continue Reading →

Get Lost, Get Empty

Casualties of war. The carcasses of saints either ineffective in ministry or absent altogether linger about. We must stand guard and pray or become one in that number. Our prayers go out for the Lord to do restorative work in... Continue Reading →

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