This blog is dedicated to the funeral of my low self-esteem and the natural birth of my purpose. I am a woman who, through God’s grace, has been set free from low self-esteem, people pleasing, and self-hatred, which were manifested in self-degradation, a life of crime, and drug addiction.

Today, I am an wife to a marvelous husband, a mother to an awesome little boy with Autism, an author, college graduate, and human service worker. The funeral is needed, not just for my personal freedom, but to encourage the lives of those who have had similar pains.

The premise that the pain is necessary, is controversial, yet thought provoking. As my pain caused me to grow and triumph rather than cower in defeat. Pain has purpose. God allows pain to mature His people. The latter was my stance, the former is my platform to reach the lives of those hurting.

Be blessed!

Lady Jay