adult-2179326__340.jpgInsatiable hunger

Seeking spiritual food

What I found was clichés

Traditions and rituals

But I sat still, hastened to pray

Found that I was looking for flaws

Negativity seeped into my quest

The issue wasn’t the church

It was my brokenness

I’d put on these glasses

Viewing the Body through my pain

My heart lies broken before the masses

Experiences tainted with blood stains

But the blood wasn’t my own

It was that of the King

Instead of complaining; I’ve grown

And found reason to sing

Perspective is everything

Healing takes time

God knows I’m hurting

So He told me to stay in line

Not to run from the Body

But rather use it to grow

Refusing to church hop

Constancy I’ll know

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay