Winnowing the delicate sores upon my heart in stride

I notice that sorrow is where suffering and purpose collide

An explosion of mercy depicted as raindrops on a face

Witnessing the collision, I’m just a bystander in space

Surreal, how one can endure such agony and live to inform

Bearing the unbearable has seemingly become the new norm

Cautiously sorting through the broken pieces of my identity

Careful to remove the lies strategically placed by the enemy

Taking shallow deep breaths gathering what I’ll use to rebuild

Suddenly through the sores upon my heart Light is revealed

Magnificently present, the Lord changes my emotional deficit to wealth

Bankable promises, blood washed, I’m learning to encourage myself

The power busily working within challenges depression to flee

Once motivated to quit now enthralled to begin living free

Oh, how that foolish foe thought that this would begin my eulogy

But it became the melodic tune behind the battle cry I scream intently

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay