Is my faith weak or am I so fickle?

That I melt in the face of adversity like an ice sickle

Surely, You’re aware that I’m in this pickle

My emotions cry faint,  then the tears trickle

Is my life a metaphor; are Your promises a riddle?

The closer I get to freedom, doubt gets in the middle

Challenging my trust, which often seems little

Oh, how I long to believe, I’d give my last nickel

To have a confidence that didn’t dwindle away

A heart that welcomes Your presence on any day

Instead of busily circling round about in dismay

I’ll submit to your authority and do what you say

Demons attempt to convince me that you don’t exist

In the name of Jesus, I fight and persist

To war and get stronger, with a clenched fist

Remembering the truth in full armor, warrior in the midst

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay