Silly me

Attempting to force the illogical to make sense

Desperately seeking approval at Yahweh’s expense

He paid for everything, but for me, that’s not enough

Is that how I sound to God when I seek validation and stuff?

The value we place on pats on the back, attention, and the likes?

May seem inexpensive, but all do have a price

Instant messaging the Lord that His justification is insufficient

Even your idol has an idol; each one’s throwing up titles, like self-sufficient

On these feeble legs, determined to fight, I take my stand

Against the approval, validation, and justification that’s on demand

I’m running from idolatry- Jesus you’re the only image worth a continued look

It’s nice to have the approval of this world but it was this world that forsook

My precious Savior and traded Him for a well-known thief

People are with you than against you, I hear as wisdom speaks

The road to safety is found through confirmation in Him

Not being tossed by every comment, glance, or opinion

Come again

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay