Where in the world will I find, that which rests in my Father’s hand?

Why are my prayer requests beginning to sound like faithless demands?

How is it that I’ve sojourned with the Lord and have yet to understand?

That there’s nothing I can do without Him; even though I tried as I hard as I can

Confusing my will with Yours is what helped to get me where I am

See I’d gotten so comfortable with divinity, spoke atrocities to the Great I Am

I sinned in omission, joined the coalition of those who needed to be taught again

Re-informed, of the new norm, submission to the Lord, I’ll conform only to Your plan

Thank You, Lord, for the affliction, as a depiction of my need to stop resisting; I comprehend

That in Yahweh alone, I am I made whole, I’ll resume my role as servant and friend

Of the unfailing King, illumination He brings, although it stings, I’ll trust Him in this foreign land

To supply my hierarchical needs, I’ve planted seeds, this is how the harvest began

But first I had to regain my concentration, overcoming the enemy’s frustration, I am predestined to win

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay