While God is testing my faith

Will I run to and fro in haste

Or patiently wait?

As He measures my commitment

Can I bear the resistance?

Or will I greet the Father with resentment?

Will my praise turn to obligatory confessions?

Will I remain pure while He teaches me these lessons?

Of how to persevere, overcome, suffer long- even when He seems quiet

Outwardly I’m composed but inside, theirs a riot

A temper tantrum if you will, of a child that can’t sit still

That is getting antsy in Your will, but I vow to stay put even still

For fear of wavering, misbehaving and having to restart the test

Father as you examine me help me to do what’s best

Help to follow Jesus example as He was tempted of the devil

Remind me that the enemy is still under my feet, never on my level

Despite his huffing and puffing, He is just your instrument

You use Him to reveal the motives of my hearts intent

For this assignment, Dad, I’ll need more than I knew I had

I’ll patiently endure this process as you make my faith iron clad

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay