We’ve all heard tales of love that seemed to never cease

This one is similar; however, the love slowly decreased

An unfaithful wife betrothed to the Sovereign King

Thought to herself of what pleasures she must be missing

How could she abide after the misfortune she inherited?

Oh, how quickly she forgot about the grace and favor, unmerited

There was nothing bestowed that she didn’t quickly take for granted

Until a wedge was shoved between her and her King to her disenchantment

Vintage photos of happiness reminded her of the joy she exchanged

Chasing fantasies, hedonism, and sensuality which all seemed to explain

The instability in her life suddenly began to make perfect sense

Life without the King was pure misery; pleasure at the expense

Of peace, sleepless nights, now nothing was safe

When items became idols, and people took the Kings place

Beloved, there is still time to pursue your happily ever after

Humbly resubmit to the Hand of God, He’ll trade your mourning for laughter

-Lady Jay


Images Courtesy of Pixabay