Unconditional belief rolls down my cheeks

As my dreams seem to speak and utter disbelief

As if they will never manifest, among the madness

 I rest on your promise, comfortably knowing that I am blessed

Blessed to be a blessing, I simply must go forth

The enemy thought I’d be downcast, but my faith is up north

Rejoicing in what’s been promised, my God is Truthfulness

Oh, how He loves me- whether suffering or buffeting, I am His witness

Unconditional belief rolls down my cheeks

My future is bright because of the life that I speak

Because of the blood that was shed, delicately covering me

It is established in heaven, being made apparent continually

Jesus Christ, Waymaker, Governor and Public Defender

To the hurting, strong, soldiers of God, and faith contenders

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay