Absurd, illogical, downright unheard of

That I am defeated from one fallen from above

Filled with determination, in this situation, I’m taking authority

Calling down fire from heaven utilizing every article in my armory

Who dares to accuse God’s elect?

I’m blood washed reborn, you illuminate my defects

Flawed on purpose, I am purposely a threat

What part of ‘more than a conqueror’ don’t you get?

I understand you are employed to attempt to take me under

As if God’s and his redeemed could ever be asunder

How you thought you’d win I often wonder

God taught me how to speak to storms and calm thunder


Uncanny, preposterous, irrational

I’ve sat in on meetings in your divisional

Taking notes on how you plan to frustrate and discourage

Attacking the church’s finances, identities, and marriage’s

But what you don’t realize is that our help comes from the Most High

We use His power to rebuke your schemes and dismiss every lie

Dividing the spoil of the enemy as one divides  pie

Because God always provides for the righteous by and by

We always win in the end there is never a tie

What you mean for our evil simply works for our benefit

Driving us closer to the Father, increasing our power- we’re innocent

Despite the guilty charges, God dismissed the case

Jesus stepped into the courtroom and took our place

Defeated? No! All doubt is erased



-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay