Henderson Longshot

The day I accepted myself, was the day I got free

Free to walk and stumble, run then stop, and start again; I am me

I am she who God carved out of nothingness, instilling beauty exponentially

Power and authority, freedom gushing out of my pores constantly

I can lift up my head despite what was said and what men think

Go ahead and hate on me, the cup you hold is not what I drink

I am full of  living water, God’s daughter, nothing less

Made in His image, demons scrimmage nonetheless

They are defeated on the line where I set my cleats

Humbly, restored, reclaimed, remade watch my feet

I dance before the King because He saw me in the gutter

Cleaned me up and used me to lead many despite my stutter

How can I not worship and praise endlessly?

Once oppressed by mess, I confess, I am blessed continually

-Lady Jay

Images Courtesy of Pixabay