The conception was the day I was born

Penetrated with glory, Impregnated with purpose

Enough! Futility and madness must adjourn

Cognizant, Fully aware of what’s inside of me

Flesh, listen, I’m fleeing vain pleasures

Barefoot and tired, I’m chasing my destiny

A long time coming, surely it’s about time

No turning back, this baby must be delivered

Shackles of fear and doubt forcefully fell off

I spoke life, then the earth quivered

Daily, I’m taking spiritual vitamins

Lots of water and, yes, plenty of rest

Searching for meaning, as Solomon

Jubilant, expectant, But these, horrible labor pains

Trying to ignore them, yet they’ve become too much

Please repossess my purpose, I’m at the clinic again

Denying the promise, Seeking abortions and such

Before it was too late, Jesus came by my side

Played our story back, I recollect our love

Pure protection, He gave me a place to hide

Awestruck, humbled, As this prophetic ministry

Theoretically, was birthed in me

I am a mother, if only tentatively

Day-dreaming, my baby runs free

Indeed, free to draw others to my True Love

Vulnerable as this promise kicks, inwardly

Today’s the day, Finally, the day is here

Pain management- No, The Blood is my anesthesia

Once lost, twice found girl-Has become a preacher

The child transformed the mademoiselle

Both baby and mom, live with this story to tell

-Lady Jay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay