Prayer for a Pedophile

Stolen identity, sexually misused, yet you remain carefree. Toting my innocence and naivete. Just a child, yet caressed as a woman. Was it my low self-esteem or adult sized breast, that said touch me? I know I consented, but I was a pre-teen seeking validation. There was no one else, daddy certainly was unavailable to tell me of my beauty and worth. So I pulled up my skirt so that you could tell me who I was. Justify me with your touches, terrified of rejection, I did anything to be accepted. Surely, you must have endured abuse as well. A man of integrity would’ve sent me home, but you took my body first. For decades I’ve eaten the shame and guilt.
How could I have been so vulnerable? Why couldn’t I just learn to love me? I refuse to continue to blame myself for the work of a pedophile. No need to return my identity, as I have a new name. Redeemed, I am. The love of God cleanses the dirty feeling, providing purity. The debauchery that is my youth no longer has the power to lord over me. As I learn to live with the sober knowledge of the abuse, misuse, riddled with shame and guilt, I am determined to forfeit the posture of a victim for the mindset of an overcomer. I forgive you, surely you’ve been hurt as well. It has been said that the hurting, hurt the most; this I know full well.
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