Not the conditional, good time, sunny day faith, but the broken, gaping deficit, sickly, challenging to the very core type. That faith that prompts growth in areas you once prided yourself on being strong in. Only to find that under pressure, the fortitude of your faith resembled an ant trying to hold on to a crumb in a tornado.

The halls are painted with horror, and the lights are broken. How often, does Satan attempt to lure us into the depths of fear. Lacking solid evidence, yet the lump in your throat and the racing of your heart cosign. The wages are missed opportunities. The benefits package is regret, doubt, and anxiety. How can we possibly combat the physiological effects of the illogical?

We must begin and end with faith. Impossible situations, gaping deficits, sickbed faith, is the air that flows under the wings of the, seemingly, dreadful situations. Strengthened from the energy derived from the last battle won, we push forward in our thinking. Previously, our minds were similar to a self-destructive cesspool. Floating with defeating thoughts, fallacies from Satan, and skewed perspectives, I once governed my life with the unstable cognitive distortions that I foolishly called thoughts.

There is hope. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” 2 Corinthians 10:5 God graciously gives us the ability to control our futile thinking, thus improving our faith, whereas negative thought patterns war against faith. I do not just paint over the walls of fear and doubt with happy thoughts, I attack the lie. The untruths drilled into our psyche by Satan all have a root.

As with any weed, once the root is removed the plant dies. In this instance, the plant is what contradicts the word of the Living God inside of us. The root may be, low self-esteem, addiction, bitterness, abuse, jealousy, covetousness, abandonment, and the like. Seeds have been planted, that have taken root, which prompts our thinking to follow patterns of defeat.

Attacking the root requires submission to God and requests for healing. Our submission includes obedience. When God says forgive; we must pray for strength to forgive. There are times when God will instruct us to launch out into the unknown, launch.As we seek the root to our negative thinking, attack the lie with the word of God, and obey God’s instructions, not only will our thought life be healthy, but our spiritual maturity will have a tremendous growth spurt.