A Necessary Pain


The Girl in the Alley

Her adventurous tattered soul wandered from backstreet to holes found in the walls. Until one day she looked up and saw sky, wide, open. She realized that there was an opportunity, space, freeways unending up there. But she had to... Continue Reading →

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Excruciating Purpose

As I work in my calling, I am reminded why I used all sorts of substances, and other cunning diversion techniques to escape the reality of my pain. The struggle is real. Suddenly, it is clear, why pain is often camouflaged... Continue Reading →

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Baffling Belief

Not the conditional, good time, sunny day faith, but the broken, gaping deficit, sickly, challenging to the very core type. That faith that prompts growth in areas you once prided yourself on being strong in. Only to find that under... Continue Reading →

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Push, Harder!

When you want your dreams to come true, unsure of exactly what they are. Push, harder! When you're already tired, but the fight just began. Push, harder! When the opposition, laughs, and doubt trickles down your face. Push, harder! When... Continue Reading →

Love Struck

Today the pain will ignite my praise My trust buried in you, all of my days Humbly denying the flesh and my old ways Today the pain will set my worship on fire Not here to inquire, rather inspire Approved... Continue Reading →

Calling All Soldiers

Soldier in His army Hard times will not disarm me, I’m vested in the full armor Rebuking worry,  Jesus makes me calmer In relationship, with the Captain of the storm No longer hysterical Victories my new norm I’m a survivor-... Continue Reading →

Reflective Fire

Ferocious, sword swinger Bible quoting, truth bringer Ask me who He is I'll tell you "I AM" Releasing power in His name   Surrendered to His love Once again Moving mountains by faith Because I can Reflective fire Burning desire... Continue Reading →

Doubt Dare

I dare you to realize the power of doubt to paralyze kryptonite in disguise Delaying believers on the rise I'm determined to obtain The reason He called me name Proclaiming His goodness, Unashamed I dare doubt to face my Father... Continue Reading →

Delay-Purpose Poisoning 3

God operates in perfect timing. As I carefully approached this subject, I was riddled with the question, “If God’s timing is perfect, why is there a delay?” Assured that I am not the only believer who has had this query,... Continue Reading →

I vow to contradict the enemy on every occasion!

Let's stop trusting the father of lies, while requiring evidence from the Spirit of Truth.

Jesus Joy

Indubitably the bills are sky high Lately, it’s been by and by Yet in still, my hands are raised Satan still defeated, as I appraised He bluffs, poker face convincing Fear, doubt, discouragement dispensing I got a Hallelujah, anyhow shout... Continue Reading →

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