A Necessary Pain


Get Comfortable

Insatiable hunger Seeking spiritual food What I found was clichés Traditions and rituals But I sat still, hastened to pray Found that I was looking for flaws Negativity seeped into my quest The issue wasn’t the church It was my... Continue Reading →

Established Footprints

“For if you carefully keep all these commandments which I command you to do- to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, and to hold fast to Him- then the Lord will drive out all these... Continue Reading →

Loved On Purpose

I’m always confident until I blow it As if grace is only for the put together My mistakes pale in comparison to the blood I’m a mess at the well and He comes and sits As if mercy is only... Continue Reading →

Free Indeed

The poem, Cut Loose,  triggered something in me actually it was the visual of the featured image. The picture shows an orange bellied bird pondering his or her current plight as it is trapped in prison, evidence by the barbed... Continue Reading →

Cut Loose

As confusion abounds, I must praise Distractions fail completely; hands raise Simply because You are I AM Existing before existence You never began Everlasting Father with You there is no end Faithful, Consistent where I fall You extend Reaching into... Continue Reading →

Hope that Outlasts…

My hope is sure to outlast the impact from the most recent test Growing eyelids, the tempest is steady, hope here is narrow Reminded that my character is being built even as the sun sets Sunny days took the year... Continue Reading →

Endurance Shoes

Jesus’ presence is akin to having the winning medallion on prior to the shooting of a starter’s pistol in a race. His third-day resurrection defied death, changed time, and disregards human reasoning. Our Saviour’s attendance to our melee is assurance... Continue Reading →

Afraid of Heights

Tempted to run Nowhere to hide From my destiny So much fear inside Life was miserable But I stayed on the ride Afraid to fail so I never tried To walk in greatness So much on my mind I’ll give... Continue Reading →

The Song That Got Away

Of the things I lost fighting for my destiny was my song. I cannot number the day or the hour but I stopped singing. The fullness of God’s presence was not there; I had no reason to sing. But I... Continue Reading →

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